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Seven Summits Adventures

Seven Summits Adventures was founded by the high mountain climber Mariam Ktiri. She is a passionate alpinist who lives in Switzerland. After climbing all Seven Summits and Lhotse, the fourth highest mountain in the world, in the same year, she discovered her passion for high altitude mountaineering. She decided to share this with other mountaineering colleagues who all want to climb Seven Summits and other high peaks. She started her own company under the name of “Seven Summits Adventures”. Under this label, she wants to offer not only travel and expeditions, but also participate in building a conscious alpinists community. She offers mountaineering courses. These courses enable mountaineers to acquire useful skills, learn the rules of mountaineering, and thus increase their ability to climb high mountains.

With this, mountains, which used to appear out of reach, become feasible. After a tailored training, with the appropriate gear and together with our guides and expedition setup, you can climb the highest peaks of various mountains, ski in Antarctica or experience the sunrise from Kilimanjaro.

When you join our teams you support also the local communities. Seven Summits Adventures is involved in community work to preserve local traditions and their living environment. We are also supporting several association to promote children education. Mariam, the founder of Seven Summits Adventures, is a big advocate of this topic.

Your next Summit Expedition

Discover now your next adventure with us! Are you thinking about hiking famous trails, climbing big mountains or the Seven Summits and you don’t where and how to start? Let us help you organise and plan your life changing project. We will make a schedule with you, starting from the skills and gear needed, until which route and which summit strategy is appropriate for you personally. We offer group, but also private and tailored expeditions and tours. We ensure, that your specific needs are considered. Our tour guides are professionals, who have guided several successful expeditions. They own the appropriate skills to lead expeditions and will make sure those are unforgettable adventures.


April 2020

Chamonix School II


August 2020

Mont Blanc Trek


August 2020

Mount Elbrus Expedition


September 2020

Kilimanjaro Tour & Coaching I
Short Route


September 2020

Kilimanjaro Tour & Coaching II


October 2020

Puncak Jaya
Northern Route

About Seven Summits Adventures

Climbing the highest mountains in each continent: Everest, Denali, Vinson, Carstensz Pyramid, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro and Elbrus are among the most exiting experiences. Our Seven Summits Adventures lead to the highest peaks in the world. With the appropriate training of our guides, each of the Seven Summits can be mastered. We know, that each mountain of the Seven Summits Challenge is always something special for every climber. Especially Mount Everest, which is the culminating experience. For such a challenging adventure we offer you professional guides to make the expedition a success for you. Every mountain has its own course and its own characteristic. We tailor our tours and expeditions in such a way to accommodate with the environment, nature of every mountain and especially with the team. We also help you tailor your preparation and training depending on the foreseen expedition. Whether you are planning to summit Everest, Denali or Carstensz Pyramid, with our mountaineering and climbing bootcamps, you will learn the necessary skills, that will turn your climbs into an extraordinary experience. Sign up for our tours or expeditions today and experience our way of adventure!