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Seven Summits Adventures is a mountain guiding company. We are based in Switzerland. Mariam Ktiri, an alpinist, founded this company. She is a well-known adventurer and mountaineer. Mariam has climbed the Seven Summits in one year and Everest together with Lhotse in one push. For those achievements, she is holding a world record. Cool, right?

Our mission is to be part of your project and make you fulfill your targets through realizing your adventures. We offer adventure trips in different fields. Whether this is a hike, a training boot camp, or a Seven Summits trip, you will always find our experienced guides on your side. Mariam is responsible in planning meticulously and leading every trip. She is also a professional Management Consultant. She ensures everything is well-managed and coordinated as planned. This makes her prepared already in having contingency plans.

For the most unpredictable of all variables – the weather – we work together with internationally renowned weather forecast experts. They provide us with very accurate weather estimates. Those allow us to schedule our trips and to plan the summit push in the best conditions. Of course, your safety and health is our priority.


April 2021

Everest Summit
North Wall


April 2021

Everest Basecamp Trek


August 2021

Mont Blanc Trek

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How was your first experience in climbing? Would you like to take it up to a higher level? We can help you with that! Reach out to us and we will tailor a plan for you that enables you reaching your goals. You can now climb the highest mountain in the world Everest, even all of the Seven Summits or some famous mountains like the Matterhorn or Mont Blanc. Feel free to ask your queries with us for we will be here to assist you in every possible way that we can.