Seven Summits

Why Trekking with us?

Experience the Greatness of Trekking

Our planet offers endless opportunities for challenging hikes and treks. Join our guided trekking tours with experienced guides. Maximize the safety and enjoyment of your hiking adventure in an unfamiliar area. Our treks will lead you through unique mountain panoramas. They will turn your trip into an unforgettable memory.

Going with experts allows you to learn best practices, thus, you can enhance your skills. This will boost your self confidence and make you feel confident taking more challenges. Our guides know the area, they are trekking through. They can bring places to life through stories, interpretation, observations, and personal passion. This makes a big difference.

Choosing the Right Tour

Choosing the right trip is a key ingredient for enjoying your trekking experience. For those who prefer to explore the outdoors without heavy backpacks, we offer horse/porter supported treks. Those who would like to challenge themselves can opt for multi-day backpacking treks. Those are inn-based using the local huts or camping-based for great outdoor experience.

We offer tours in Nepal, Africa and Europe. Based on your preference and your availability, you can select the most appropriate trip. We are happy to help you make your decision. Don’t be afraid and experience an unforgettable adventure with Seven Summits Adventures! What to do next? Check and trek!

Everest Base Camp Trek

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Mont Blanc Trek

The Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) is one of the most beautiful long distance hikes in the world. During this tour, which will cover nearly 170 total kilometres, you will […]

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Adventure Treks

Our treks take you through the most beautiful places. In small guided groups, come join us. Explore with our teams places like the Khumbu Valley on the way to Everest Base Camp or the amazing trails around the roof of the Alps; Mont Blanc. Experience a unique journey like you’ve never done before. Get to know new people, discover new cultures and grow beyond yourself away from the daily routine. Out treks are a nice way of spending time in nature, exploring new countries and having a physical activity. Depending on your goals, whether you wanna enjoy a light trek with your family, or experience a high altitude challenge, we can help you make the appropriate choice. In the future we will offer more treks. For inspiring mountaineers, we offer climbs and expeditions to the highest peaks of the world. Sign up today and go on an adventure with Seven Summits Adventures!