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The Seven Summits Boot Camps prepare you for future expeditions. They provide you with skills, useful tips and tricks to master demanding climbs and challenging adventures. The boot camps take place at different locations around the world. In small groups, you will be able to learn efficiently and exercise more. This will serve as your stepping stone to pursue your next passion. The more skills you learn, the more experienced and confident you will become. This will help you push your limits and grow beyond yourself. Confidence is so crucial for self motivation.

If you have learned the necessary skills for crevasse rescue, you will feel confident crossing a glacier, because you know that you will master the situation in case of a crevasse fall. You will be able to help other teams also. Be aware that most of the Seven Summits require climbing through glaciers are characterized through wide crevasses. The best examples are Denali or Everest.

We are also keen to setup tailored 1:1 training. This allows you to shorten the training length and increase its efficiency. We will make sure the training class fulfills your personal requirements and the needed skills.

If you have any further inquiries and clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us. SSA will be your teacher in achieving your future adventures. We will make sure you get the necessary training to become a better climber and a daring adventurer!

For Ambitious Mountaineers

The Seven Summits Adventures boot camps offer classes for all levels. Whether you are a beginner, who has never put his feet in the mountains or an experienced mountaineer, you will find the appropriate training. We will give you guidance on the kind of training you need based on your plans. The boot camps cover different aspects like the preparation, which begins with packing, getting the right gear, climbing basics like belaying, knots...etc. Do not be worried for we follow international standards in our boot camps. We guarantee that you will not only learn, but you will also realize the importance of why training is a must in your new passion. We believe that learning the well known practices makes a team function better.