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Everest Base Camp Trek

Trek to the Base Camp on the foot of the highest mountain in the world

Join one of our treks and enjoy this life changing experience! The Everest Base Camp trek will allow you to push your limits and learn how to acclimatize to altitude. This will open up new perspectives and might be the beginning of a new passion. It’s also a cultural experience to spend time in such a country like Nepal, in which traditions and customs are among the most exotic and interesting in the world!


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Further Treks

Come so close to the top of the world and live a part of every Everest Expedition! During this trek, you will cross the beautiful Nepalese villages and the Khumbu Valley. You will experience the Nepalese hospitality in the tea houses and visit some monasteries. Learn and understand their cultures. Relate with their old practices and share it to the others once you have finished the treks. You will enjoy the beautiful view of the colorful Sherpa village and Namche Bazaar. Try to get a tea or coffee in the highest cafe in the world located in Kalapathar. Isn’t it exciting? The culminating moment of the trek is reaching the biggest Base Camp in the world, and most of all, being so close to the highest peak in the world, Everest.